Revolutionizing Road Safety with Computer Vision

Our AI platform serves transportation and mobility surveillance efficiently.

3 ways our technology platform can help reshape the future of transportation

Eliminate Traffic Congestion

Our cost-effective solution interprets data from road cameras for automatic travel pattern and congestion monitoring. Key applications include detailed transportation counting, intersection monitoring for traffic light optimization and integrating real-time traffic insights into control systems.

Improve Road Safety

Our technology platform has been tested for detecting tire issues on trucks and in inspection tunnels. It can be applied to various areas such as road, vehicle, and traffic monitoring, enhancing road safety.

Make an Environmental Impact

Our application for Counting People in Cars can be used in tolling and parking systems giving benefits to carpoolers, enabling them to reduce their carbon emissions.

Use Cases

We specialize in leveraging Computer Vision and AI for data analysis in transportation systems. Our privacy-focused solutions provide valuable insights to enhanced efficiency and security in mobility.

Why using AI and Computer Vision in Transportation systems

Using AI and Computer Vision in transportation systems revolutionizes the way we navigate and manage mobility. Our technology gain real-time insights into traffic patterns, optimize routes, and enhance overall system efficiency. From predictive maintenance to ensuring safety through object detection, AI and Computer Vision play pivotal roles in shaping a smarter, safer, and more streamlined future for transportation and mobility.

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On a mission for bringing new technology to Transportation and Mobility market

Counting Hero offers technology that can support more insights from camera data and be used directly by integration into traffic data infrastructure as signs and modern cars.

Computer Vision

Computer vision drives automation and robotics by interpreting visual data, meeting the rising demand for rapid, precise object recognition and counting, surpassing human capabilities.

The AI market

The applications of AI are advancing rapidly, continually emerging at an accelerating rate. We aim to bring our targeted AI innovations to add value to the transportation and mobility industry.

The Counting Technology Market

The Counting Technology Market capitalizes on demand for data-driven decision-making. Accurate counting solutions, including those using computer vision, optimize operations efficiently.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems offer a compelling opportunity driven by increasing demand for smart solutions. Innovations in sensor systems and advanced traffic management optimize traffic

Application Use Case

Tracking people in cars

Ensuring precise passenger counts on ferries is a critical security requirement. Our multilane passenger in-car counting system eliminates the need for visual inspections, providing an automated and highly accurate solution. We streamline the process, enhancing security measures and delivering a more reliable method for counting passenger on ferries.