Detailed Traffic Statistic


Crafting roads that cater to their specific usage is paramount in road planning. Understanding the types of vehicles utilizing these roads is key to achieving this goal. However, tracking detailed traffic statistics comes with its own set of challenges. Ensuring high-resolution vehicle classification is crucial for capturing pertinent data accurately. Moreover, maintaining continuous counting across multiple cameras without overwhelming machine resources is essential. Our solution addresses these challenges head-on, offering precise traffic insights while optimizing resource utilization for seamless monitoring.


Our Detailed Traffic Statistics (DTS) solution is engineered to provide unparalleled classification of traffic into 24 distinct categories, offering an exceptionally detailed understanding of road usage patterns. Leveraging advanced algorithms, our solution delivers high-resolution insights into the diverse types of traffic traversing the roads.


Integrates with existing traffic camera infrastructure, ensuring easy deployment.

High resolution insight into types of traffic on the road.

Web portal showing passings and statistics.

Solution details

Robust and Adaptable Model

Our solution utilizes a robust model trained across various cameras, capturing data across all seasons and diverse geographical locations. This extensive training renders our model highly adaptable, compatible with the majority of existing roadside camera setups.

User-Friendly Data Access

Through a user-friendly web portal, users gain access to comprehensive data presentations, offering insights into traffic passages and aggregate statistics. Presented in intuitive time series and distribution formats, this data empowers informed decision-making.

Seamless Data Export and Analysis

Our solution facilitates seamless data export for in-depth analysis, ensuring flexibility and usability for diverse analytical needs.