Use Case:

Tire Scanner


In 2021, subpar tires contributed to a staggering 30% of serious accidents attributed to faulty vehicle equipment. Conventional tire inspections typically involve halting random vehicles manually, resulting in a limited sample size of the vehicle population. This outdated approach not only consumes valuable time for both inspectors and drivers but also proves highly inefficient for conducting thorough inspections.


Our Tire Scanner solution revolutionizes tire inspections, significantly enhancing efficiency. Easy to install and non-invasive to the road, our system streamlines the inspection process while maintaining road integrity.


Low cost and easy to install. Can be used as a mobile sensor.

No need to stop vehicles and gives detailed images of tires.

Information is given in real-time so vehicles can be stopped for more thorough inspections.

Solution details

Real-Time Tire Classification

Our solution employs a specially designed system to capture images of tires on moving vehicles, enabling real-time tire classification.

Swift Data Transmission

As vehicles pass through the inspection zone, tire data is swiftly transmitted to inspectors.

Prompt Defect Identification

Any tires identified as defective are promptly flagged for further inspection, allowing for timely intervention and maintenance.