Counting Persons in Moving Vehicles


Accurately counting passengers in moving vehicles presents unique challenges. From obstructions caused by passengers to window reflections and fluctuating light conditions, achieving precision is no easy feat. Add in the speed and diverse shapes of vehicles, and capturing clear images of passengers becomes even more daunting. Our solution is here to streamline the process and deliver reliable results.


Introducing our cutting-edge solution for accurately counting passengers in moving vehicles: Vehicle Passenger Counting System (VPCS). Designed to overcome the challenges in counting persons in vehicles. VPCS utilizes advanced technology to deliver precise results.


Special optics to see trough car windows. VPCS utilizes advanced technology to deliver precise results in real-time.

For single lane, HOV-lanes, one or two cameras is needed on only one side of lane.

Multi camera solution to manage two lanes boarding on ferries.

Solution details

Enhanced Vehicle Surveillance

The solution uses Multi-Frame Analysis to increase utilize all information from the passing vehicle. To get clear images active invisible light is used, this also removes motion blurring on fast vehicles.

Real-time Data Fusion

For multicamera solution the system integrates real-time data fusion and analysis capabilities to combine information from multiple sensors and camera feeds.

Enhanced Passenger Analytics

By aggregating data from various sources, including roadside cameras the system enhances the accuracy and reliability of passenger counting while also providing insights into passenger vehicle utilization metrics.